Top POP Display Trends That You Should Put Into Practice

Point-of-purchase (POP) displays have been used in retail stores for decades. A staple of the display, signs, and graphics industry, POP remains as popular in events and trade shows today as they were 3-4 decades ago. But to be more relevant, these concepts continue to evolve and are taking advantage of today’s technology, actively competing for a fair share of the digital world we are proud to be part of.

If you are a retailer who cares to have a bigger impact on his or her bottom line, it pays to be up to date with the current trends in the POP display industry. In connection top this, here is an overview of the current trends in POP displays Chicago that you should put into practice:

Making every Square foot count

The focus on maximizing sales per square foot has been more pronounced in the recent past as retailers are looking for ways to boost sales while minimizing costs. The ever-rising costs of operations and dwindling sales volumes in some sectors is forcing businesses to rethink their business strategies to achieve maximum ROI. One of the best ways of doing this is by making every square foot count with effective POP displays Chicago strategies.

Digital Engagement

To enhance shoppers’ experience, retailers continue to use more digital shopper solutions to engage customers. Because consumers are currently more connected than ever, retailers are reinforcing their brands with all manner of digital POP displays, from lightboxes that highlight the best features of a product to sensors and digital kiosks that allow customers to capture product images and share their shopping experience in social media.

The power of customization

Adding a personal touch to retail POP displays can go a long way in impressing and engaging shoppers who feel more connected with the brand. More retailers are using demographic information to customize their POP displays, working with sophisticated technologies to create high-end designs to attract their target audience.

Flexible Display configurations

The shift to highly configurable POP display is on the rise as retailers continue to look for ways to achieve greater ROI. Configurable POP displays can be changed whenever deemed necessary, which provides a number of benefits: displays can be moved around and different product elements can be showcased at different times, providing more value over time. Additionally, POP displays can be made more fresh and attention-grabbing to increase customer engagement.


To keep up with the competition, you need to stay on trend by customizing your POP displays and experimenting with a wide range of digital shopper solutions to entice and engage potential clients. Putting into practice the latest trends in POP display will not only help your brand find cost saving benefits and more value but will also give your business an opportunity to keep things trendy as often as necessary.

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