Things You Should Consider When Hiring a Corporate Lawyer

A corporate lawyer has a wide variety of legal obligations in a business setup. He is important to an organization because of the unending legal disputes that often present themselves during business. But how can a business get the right layer to satisfy its legal needs? Here are a few things to consider.

Consider experience

An experienced lawyer has come across all the worst case scenarios in legal disputes and knows how to handle them. He understands everything to do with intellectual property, franchise agreements and service contracts. His vast experience also gives him an upper hand during trials since he knows the right approach to take when presenting his case. Find out the number of years the person has worked in corporate law and whether he is listed in the Canadian Bar Association. Also, look at his past works and their outcome. Ask the lawyer to give you a list of companies he has worked with and if you can speak to them.

Consider the lawyer’s approach to conflict resolution

You need to know how the lawyer approaches issues and how much time and effort he is willing to dedicate in order to satisfy your legal needs. Determine whether the lawyer prefers trials or settling disputes out of court. Make your decision based on the approach you are comfortable with. If you have a small business, consider attorneys that are not too litigious because you may end up spending thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Determine how the lawyer communicates with clients

You need to know the lawyer’s preferred method of communication and decide if it suits your organization. Some lawyers prefer to communicate through phone or email. Others do not communicate beyond the scheduled office hours. Determine which channel of communication is right for you. If you are one who develops anxieties and keeps asking his lawyer about the prospects of the case, then consider someone who allows emails or phone calls. Also, consider how long the attorney takes to get back to you. You don’t want someone who responds to your questions after several hours or days. Go for someone who is always available to answer your questions as they come.

Consider costs

As a business, you have to reduce your overhead expenses as much as possible to maximize profits. However, cost should not be the key factor to consider when choosing a corporate lawyer. While going for a cheap lawyer can be a relief to your finance department, it may not be worth it. It could be the lawyer offers cheaper rates as a way to compensate for his lack of expertise. On the other hand, an expensive lawyer who charges for every bit of service could run your dry financially. It is imperative you go to a lawyer who has decent rates.

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