Are Mascot Costumes Still Relevant To Your Organization?

Mascot costumes have been used to define brands for several years. Mascots have been part of brands in virtually all industries—from food and beverage industry to financial institutions. With the dynamic marketing sphere, you are probably wondering if the use of mascot costumes or characters as a marketing tool is still relevant. The answer is definitely a resounding yes—and here is why:

Increased recognition and brand awareness

Mascots are easy to recognize and very memorable. If you can use an appealing character to work your way into your audience consciousness, it will be an instant symbol for your product—and will definitely boost your marketing efforts.

Long term value

When you create a mascot costume for your brand, it becomes part and parcel of your organization’s marketing campaign for many years. Unlike other traditional marketing materials, a well maintained mascot costume often lasts for long. What’s more, when you decide to change your organization’s mascot, you can still gain its value by donating it to a charity or selling it.

Friendly Image

Mascot costumes are fun. They are very entertaining to watch and often send positive message to the public. A likable character, for instance, can instantaneously create a positive connection with your target customers. It’s quite hard to achieve such connections with logo alone.

Lucrative Licensing opportunities

In case your organization’s mascot costume becomes popular, it can open doors to a wide range of profitable merchandise that you can profit on while raising awareness of your brand at the same time. You can, for instance, develop your mascot character as soft toy and sell or give away at various promotional events.

The benefits cannot be duplicated by your competitors

The current marketing trends that are used by organizations have narrowed their focus and scope. Instead of leveraging on all the available marketing resources, every organization is scrambling for the same strategies to get noticed. Using mascot costumes are, however, not part of most organization’s marketing strategies. This implies that if you can incorporate the use of mascots in your marketing campaign, you will reap so much benefits that your business competitors will not even have the wherewithal to duplicate.

Bottom Line

One of way of taking your marketing campaigns to the next level in today’s competitive business milieu is investing in the right resources. The use of mascot costumes cannot be overlooked in this regard. Remember, like your organization’s name and logo, you can easily trademark your mascot. This means that you stand to reap the many benefits that a customized mascot offers without the worry about any potential conflicts that may be caused by mascot design theft issues. If you would like to learn more, there are more resources available at Loonie Times.

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